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The “fun” of high school life will end quickly and for some students, deciding on a career path can be difficult. Students question the importance of taking certain school courses as they don’t understand the connection to the world of work.

Manitoba Mentors was developed to assist youth in transitioning successfully from school to work, training or post-secondary.

Benefits of Career Exploration for students:

  • Gain a realistic understanding of the world of work
  • Discover what your career interest “really” looks like at the workplace
  • Learn about training and career opportunities in varies industries
  • Develop a plan to follow the career path that’s right for you
  • See how the skills you learn in the classroom are used in the workplace
  • Be inspired to graduate from school and move on to the next phase of “life-long learning”!
  • Network with the business community – showcase your talents, gather information

Take advantage of this unique program to explore careers in Manitoba! We offer three options of participation through your school: tour an industry, listen to a school presentation, or interview an employer whose career interests you. Let us help you with your career decisions.

See if your school is a Manitoba Mentors participating school. Click here. Talk to the teacher responsible for Manitoba Mentors in your school. Check out our events section on our website to see if any tours or presentations are scheduled for your school. Applications for Informational interviews can be found under “Resources – Educators” section. You must discuss your participation with the teacher first. Also check out our “Links” for current career development resources.

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